I become interested in astronomy when I was very young. First I was watching documentaries and picture books, and later thicker books, like Cosmos by Carl Sagan. In 1996 I bought my first telescope, 50/650. A really big mistake caused by a lack of information that is now common on the Internet and high prices of equipment. The enthusiasm dropped. It was like that until 2005, when I suddenly came across a website that was devoted to astrophotography. This time, with the guidance of more experienced astronomy amateurs, I bought 130/1000 on Astro3 mount. Very soon after that I took my first shots of the moon with afocal method. The appetite grew bigger and bigger and in the middle of 2006, I bought C10-N on EQ6 mount, primary used for observing, but that was also a preparation for astrophotography. Two months later I got a Canon 300d, and later that year, Skywatcher ED80. And I started taking photographs.

I made this site because I wanted to present you my work and share my experience with techniques of deepsky photography.