Equipment and other photo info:
June 28th, 2008.
Canon 300D + Canon 70-200mm f/4L @ 135mm f/5.6 20x240sec @ ISO800
Manually guided with Maksutov 90/1250 + Microguide EP 12.5mm
Mount: EQ6 Vis
Processing software: DeepSkyStacker, PixInsight LE, Photoshop CS3

Object info:
NGC 7000, the North America Nebula, is located in the constellation of Cygnus. It is a very large area of emission nebulosity extending some 2.5 degrees to the east of Deneb. It was discovered in the early 1890s during experiments into wide field astrophotography. Several areas of nebulosity can be seen surrounding NGC 7000 including IC 5070, the Pelican Nebula to the west and IC 5068 to the south. The ‘Skull Nebula’ can also be seen between the North America and the Pelican nebulae.

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