Equipment and other photo info:
Picture taken on September 12th, 2010.
Poljanica Bistranska, Croatia, Europe
Triplet APO 115/800, QHY8, TS OAG9mm, QHY5 guiding camera
Exposure time: 26x300sec
Mount: EQ6 Vis upgreded to EQ6 SynScan

Processing software: DeepSkyStacker, PixInsight 1.0, Photoshop CS2

Object info:
What created this huge space bubble down left on the image? A massive star that is not only bright and blue, but also emitting a fast stellar wind of ionized gas. The Bubble Nebula is actually the smallest of three bubbles surrounding massive star BD+602522, and part of gigantic bubble network S162 created with the help of other massive stars.

Messier 52 (M52, NGC 7654) is a fine open cluster located in a rich Milky Way field. It is one of the rich clusters for which amateur Jeff Bondono has proposed the name “salt and pepper” clusters.

More information about this object at: http://seds.org/messier/m/m052.html