Equipment and other photo info:
Picture taken on April 2nd, 2011.
Location: Petrova goda, Croatia, Europe
SkyWatcher ED120/900, QHY8, TS OAG9mm, QHY5 guiding camera
Exposure time: 12x600sec
Processing software: DeepSkyStacker, PixInsight 1.0, Photoshop CS5, nebulosity
Object info:
The Pinwheel Galaxy M101 is revealed as one of the most prominent Grand Design spirals in the sky. While quite symmetric visually and in very short exposures which show only the central region, it is of remarkable unsymmetry, its core being considerably displaced from the center of the disk. Halton Arp has included M101 as No. 26 in his Catalogue of Peculiar Galaxies as a “Spiral with One Heavy Arm”.
More information about this object at: http://seds.org/messier/more/m081gr.html