Equipment and other photo info:
Picture taken on October 1st, 2011.
Location: Kapela/Bjelovar, Croatia, Europebr  SkyWatcher ED120/900, EQ6 SkyScan QHY8, Baader h-Alpha 7nm, TS OAG9mm, QHY5 guiding camera br  Exposure time: 13x1200sec for h-Alpha and 5x600sec for RGB
Processing software: Nebulosity, PixInsight 1.0LE, Photoshop CS5

Object info:
Soul Nebula (Sharpless 2-199, LBN 667) is emission nebulae in Cassiopeia. Several small open clusters are embedded in the nebula: CR 34, 632, and 634[citation needed] (in the head) and IC1848 (in the body). The object is more commonly called by the cluster designation IC1848.

More information about this object at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soul_Nebula